Distribution Insights

This was a tool designed to help movie studios and distributors analyze market trends, and develop strategies for future releases. The video shows a user clicking through the Catalogs use case, which would allow a movie studio to view data on their streaming catalogs as well as those of their competitors.

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Case Study:
Distribution Insights

Part 1 - Design Brief

The objective for this project was to provide a tool for Hollywood movie studios who needed to do analysis on their catalogs. They lacked a place where they could see comprehensive information on where their content, and the content of their competitors was distributed, and a way to develop strategies for future content distribution.

We begin by answering the 5 questions in our design thinking framework:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • Who are we building this for?
  • When and where will the feature/demo be used?
  • What is/are the solution/s to the problem?
  • How can we measure the success of our design?
distribution insights strategy

Part 2 - Design Process

The product manager explained that among Gracenote clients in Hollywood, there were frequent requests for a tool that would allow them to better plan and coordinate their video distribution among streaming video services.

Research revealed a dearth of tools for this kind of detailed information that Gracenote clients needed. The IMdB website was being used as a kind of stop-gap, but there was no existing comprehensive solution.

distribution insights site map


Early wireframes explored how filter menus would work, and how we might best incorporate charts and graphs to illustrate the data.

pie chart


Because we needed to quickly produce a working demo of the tool in order to demo it to potential clients, coupled with dev resource constraints, we decided to create the MVP as a Figma prototype. Gracenote data includes a rich image library that allows the design team to enhance the visual appeal of this demo.

distribution insights catalog programs


We were able to complete the two pathways - one for catalogs, and one for distribution strategy - in a Figma prototype in a few short weeks. You can click through the Catalog pathway in the prototype at the top of this page. I would be happy to walk through this with you to provide more detail.

distribution insights strategy modal

Part 3 - Analytics

Surveys to determine the How: