Hi, I'm Sean.

I am a visual designer with a diverse background in print, web, and product design. I specialize in UI/UX, and my most recent work has been in crafting product demos for an entertainment metadata company, with an emphasis on streaming video.

No matter what the medium, my work is about solving problems. This starts with the user and their needs. What defines the problem they need to solve? How can we arrive at a great design solution? Is there research to back up this approach? And how will we know if we succeeded? Answering these questions through a design-thinking process is what I bring to work every day.

Contact me at seandwilliams@gmail.com
My Linkedin is linkedin.com/in/seandwilliams/

What do people say about me?

“I've had the pleasure of collaborating closely with Sean for the past five years, during which time he assumed a pivotal role as the primary designer for our video demos at Gracenote. This position demanded a delicate balancing act, requiring him to convey the consumer concept while presenting intricate B2B data details. Sean's skill in striking this balance has proven instrumental in the success of our demos, notably exemplified by the recent Reasons to Watch project, which was well-received at IBC.

Sean's open and collaborative approach to his work stands out as one of his most commendable qualities. He consistently displays a willingness to accept feedback and iterate on designs, thereby fostering a positive and productive work environment. His adaptability and unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible user experiences make him a highly valuable asset to any team.

Having had the privilege of closely collaborating with Sean during this time, I can confidently attest to his expertise and dedication in the field of UX design. His outstanding contributions to our demo sites and the success of the "Reasons to Watch" project underscore his ability to effectively balance complex UX requirements and convey concepts with clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend Sean for any UX design position, confident that he will continue to excel and contribute positively to any project he undertakes.”

Kamran Lotfi

VP of Product Management @ Gracenote | Metadata, Search and Discovery

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Sean for a period of 5 years at Gracenote. During this time, Sean was an integral part of our UX Design team, holding the position of UI/UX Designer. His contributions spanned across various domains within the Gracenote business, with notable projects in Sports and Video verticals.

One of Sean's standout accomplishments was the creation of our Global Video Showcase web demo. This demo allows prospective clients to immerse themselves in Gracenote's data offerings, encompassing both factual information and enhanced elements like video descriptors, personalized imagery, and streaming sports content. In addition, Sean delivered designs for our sports vertical that effectively showcased our Global Sports Data and Streaming Sports data. In order to strengthen his design solutions and achieve alignment across several functional areas, Sean facilitated collaborative design workshops over the years, contributing further to the success of our team. Sean's ability to manage a diverse range of data points, incorporating competing stakeholder input while delivering outstanding visual design was truly impressive.

Sean possesses a unique talent for generating innovative design solutions that not only captivate our customers but also offer a clear and compelling vision of what's possible in the consumer experience. His work not only inspires but also equips our commercial team with powerful sales tools which articulate the value of Gracenote data.

What sets Sean apart is his proficiency in front-end development, which proved invaluable during periods of resource constraints. His ability to bridge the gap between design and development allowed our team to progress quickly and more efficiently.

Beyond his professional skills, Sean brings a calm and professional demeanor to the workplace, making him a valuable asset to any team. I wholeheartedly recommend Sean for his exceptional design expertise, technical capabilities, and professionalism.”

Lisa Tyler

Director, User Experience Design at Gracenote

“Sean is a true team player and motivated performer.

During the time I had the pleasure of working with him on the Gracenote marketing team, Sean proved time and again to be a reliable design talent, delivering outstanding and dependable work while staying thoughtful in his approach. He is a quick learner in all things he approaches and displays a constant curiosity for the current trends and practices of visual design. With the ability to achieve both as an individual and as a team contributor, he consistently demonstrates determination along with a positive attitude that ripples across organizations.

Approaching each task with curiosity and enthusiasm, no matter how difficult or time sensitive, Sean is always eager to take on a new challenge or learn a new skill. His willingness to raise a hand for any assignment and proactively dive into incoming briefs was essential to the success of our team, while his familiarity and additional support of our Japanese markets proved to be invaluable in a multitude of areas we could not have imagined.

I would highly recommend Sean for any creative endeavor and strongly believe he will make an immediate impact on your team. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this incredibly talented and genuinely good-natured rock star of a designer.”

Jake Hadden

Global Head of Design | Nielsen

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