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These are some pictures of bikes. Anybody who knows me knows that one of the common threads of my adult life has been bicycles. These days I do most of my riding with the guys and gals of the East Bay Velo Club. The intersection of my photography and my bikes is best represented in the “Painting Series,” inspired by an assignment I had in college, to make a photorealistic painting. For those images, click here. Otherwise, scroll down. I’ll be adding more as I find and scan some stuff from the past.

gios on green road
Taken on the streets of Tokyo. The road here is paved with a green, non-skid surface.

This is one of my road bikes from Tokyo that never made it into the Painting Series. It’s an Antales frame made of steel. I had it set up as a fixed gear for winter training. I remember it having a very whippy rear triangle. I took this shitty pixelated photo when selling it before I returned to America in 2000.

aoi and sean
Doubling my ex, Aoi. I had handed my camera to a guy riding in Critical Mass, which we had happened into while on the way to meet some friends for dinner. This was taken in San Francisco circa 2002.