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sal & teresa’s visit

Sal & Teresa’s visit

My brother Sal drove up from Flagstaff with his girlfriend Teresa, for a long weekend in June. They stayed at my place, and we did a bit of wandering around S.F., Oakland, and Berkeley.

sal and john
The first night, my friend John was staying over also, having just flown in from Europe, on his way back to New Zealand. A rare photo of my brother and a CA friend together.

feet and hands
I saw these hand prints on Hayes Street.

Do you know the clothing store called “Sean”? This one is on Hayes Street. Photo by Sal.

I found the newest addition to the “Sal” signs in a shoe store in the Haight. I have a brief series of these - some like this one, actually the word “sale,” and others words in other languages, etc. I think this is the first time I found one while with Sal.

teresa and sal bar
Teresa and Sal at Caesar’s, the bar across the street from my office. We had stopped by to say hi, and the gang was having goodbye drinks for Cammie Allen on her last day, so of course we joined them.

teresa and sal bar
Everyone thought that Sal and I looked alike.

teresa and sal bar
Of course Urian said that Sal was a tougher version of me, and thought I needed to get some tattoos.

sean and cammie
Me with Cammie

Cool bike spotted on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.

sal's arm and glass
And of course one day we stopped by Royal (Cole) Coffee.

sal's arm and glass
A better view of the tattoos.

sal's arm and glass
Sal had found a great hat up on Telegraph Ave.

sean racing
Sal came with me to watch me race in Burlingame on Sunday.

sean racing
He got some good pix. No, I did not win the race!