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new year’s eve 12.31.06

New Year’s Eve 12.31.06

Toward the end of December, friends started asking me if I would be having people over for a little celebration on 12/31 . . . apparently they believe that it has become a tradition! So for the third year in a row, I invited just a few friends over to ring in the new year together. This year was a new mix of neighbors and bikie friends, many of whom didn't know each other. I wondered what the dynamic would be; as it turned out, this was a really fun party, and these polaroids reflect that. I put Marty in charge of the camera. The film was expired by about three years, and all the photos were really washed out - I tried to bring them back from the dead in Photoshop.

Click below to see who was there, and to witness the inevitable attraction of the Buddha . . .