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kitty's 6.30.06

Drinks at Kitty’s 6.30.06

I live near Emeryville. Emeryville doesn't really have an abundance of nightlife, or bars, so I was interested to hear about a new (since last January, I think) place called Kitty’s. I went to check it out with my co-workers Monika and Miki, and Miki’s husband Gary. The music inside was too loud for conversation - a pet peeve of mine in regard to bars - but we were able to find a table outside near a space heater, and that was much more pleasant.

Gary & Miki & Monika
Gary and Miki and Monika.

Gary & Miki
Gary and Miki are good friends since my days in Tokyo.

Gary's hand
Gary’s hands

Monika's eye
Monika’s eye


At Sean's
Afterwards we went back to my place for one more drink.

The traditional tabletop shot by Sean.