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road trip

Road Trip

In May, my brother Sal and his wife Michelle were graduating from Northern Arizona University, down in Flagstaff. Serendipitously, my friend Michael’s birthday was the preceding weekend, and since he lives in Orange County, CA, I sensed the opportunity for a Road Trip.

Michael in his vintage Datsun pickup.

dwell shirt
You can see we have a few things in common.

His other project car is this ‘64 Continental. ChiChi, my second TT, is in the background.

mike's bikes
Michael got hit by a car a couple weeks prior, while riding his Fuji.

fuji closeup
A closeup of where the seatstay snapped. Luckily Michael wasn't hurt.

Michael has a shitload of bikes. Only the Orbea at left is mine. There are more . . .

Michael had begun a degree in industrial design. These are some of his drawings. Click here to see some of his work.

Michael’s wife Danette making pancakes as he works the espresso machine. See, even our kitchen walls are the same color.

living room
Michael’s an accomplished painter too. This is their living room.

Bertoia Bird chair in the living room.

dining room
Dining room with double portrait by Michael.

Quin and Dawn
I also stayed a couple of nights in Laguna Beach with my friend Dawn (from my Tokyo days) and her daughter Quin.

Quin is from China.

What a cutie.

There are tons of galleries in Laguna Beach.

Michelle and Sal
On to Arizona. Here are the two graduates, under the school mascot.

Mom and Julian
Mom and Julian came for graduation.

Sean and Tracy
As did big sis' Tracy.

Shopping on bikes with Sal
Sal doesn't own a car. I went grocery shopping with him.

bike sculpture
Bike sculpture . . .

It gets chilly in the evenings.


Somewhere in Arizona on the drive home.