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My Neighborhood

Welcome to West Oakland. The area I live in is known locally as Dogtown. It is, as they say, a “transitional” neighborhood, and still not for those who might be offended by the smells wafting down from the local recycling center, the occasional gunshot, the delapidated crack hos looking for a score . . .

We may have drugs, prostitution, and a lot of gunfire, but thank God it’s a nuclear-free zone.

I live just a couple of blocks from Emeryville, and in fact my zip code always comes up as Emeryville on computer systems.

my home
My home, Magnolia Row, is comprised of duplex condos.

magnolia tree
A closeup of the Magnolia tree in my front yard.

32nd St.
The condos around the corner are 2-story, and have a slightly different layout.

One of the coolest of the victorians in the neighborhood.

I think the city made them take the missile sculpture from their roof . . .

bike wheels
Fence-top sculpture of bicycle wheels down the street.

Oakland Hills
The view to the northeast from my second-floor windows is the Oakland Hills.

japonize elephants
Spotted for a while on nearby streets. Not around recently though.

California Hotel
That’s the California Hotel, not the Hotel California. Two blocks away from me.

A gravel mill that I pass on my way to BART every morning. It’s still active.

smiling cactus
See the smiley face that someone carved into the cactus?

massage spa
I’ve never visited this spa . . .

City of Paris
The name is City of Paris. Not sure what goes on in this establishment, but I like the sculpture on their sign.

warehouse skeleton
Hulking, never-finished warehouse a few blocks away.

my shadow
Quick shot of my shadow while I was riding around taking pictures.

babyback ribs
Not many meats they don’t have here . . .

mannequin legs
These legs have since disappeared from this (residential, not commercial) window.

This photo, taken three blocks from my home, looks a lot more like L.A. than Oakland.