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yukie’s hands 8.01.06

Yukie’s Hands 8.01.06

Well, mostly just her right hand. My co-worker Yukie Kurihara went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival and got one of her hands painted with henna. Don’t ask me what the connection is between garlic and henna . . . anyway, I took these shots before the henna wore off.

hand 1
This was taken inside our foyer, with the opaque window behind her hand.

hand 2
She said the henna didn’t get as dark as she expected.

hand 3
Kind of Rodchenko-esque.

hand 4
Same angle in b/w, a little overexposed.

two hands
Flat up against the window, they begin to look x-rayed.

hand 5
These last three were taken with our stainless-steel front door as backdrop.

hand 6
Like skimming the surface of water . . .

hand 7
I like this one a lot.